The heartbeat of the Wedding Reception

The heartbeat of the Wedding Reception



No doubt about it: Music is the heart and soul of a party. Good music can transform a dead end street; lame music can ruin a wedding wherever it’s held so for just a few minutes or even a few hours forget about everything else and focus your undivided attention on your music provider.

Check out wedding bands and DJs factoring in the type of entertainment that suits your taste, budget, space constraints, guest list and favourite dance music and don’t take forever making a decision because live bands and DJs can get booked up to a year in advance.

Whether you decide to go with a DJ or a band it is they who will breathe life into the party. The goal is to get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

Consider the crowd:

The type of music you choose will set a tone for your wedding. Think about the general demographic of your guests and what genre best reflects the kind of fun you want to have, your personality and your personal taste in music. For example, big band sounds are generally best live and the way the music is delivered; by live band or DJ also affects the ambience.


Stefan Jez of Uptown Xpress Productions Mobile DJ Entertainment is all ears when it comes to the wedding couple’s directions with regards to entertainment “The focus is always, always on what the couple tells us. Whether it’s different types of music, ambient lighting, dance floor lighting, or animation it’s our business to make it a night remembered for how fun the entertainment was.”

Mix it up:

He’s rock and roll but you’re rhythm and blues? No worries! Musical variety is the main ingredient to “a good time was had by all” so whichever way you go, band or DJ, they’re sure to bring a playlist that includes a solid combination of fast and slow, old and new tunes.

Choosing a band for the wedding entertainment is like saying “yes” to real musicians putting on a show.  For example, Tommy Green, Director of Preville Big Band says, “having live entertainment is an invitation to a vibrant emotional connection between the musicians and the guests. We even bring the trombones right out on the dance floor while playing In the Mood and the guests eat it up!”

For those with a very mixed crowd of young and old who aren’t opposed to spending a little extra a band can wrap things up at midnight and then a DJ can go on at 12:30 for a couple of hours. In any case, whatever you decide if money’s an issue then don’t skimp on the music. One less platter at dinner or a slightly smaller centerpiece for the tables won’t affect the party but mediocre music could mean mediocre fun.


Consider these questions for the consultation:

– How long have you been in business?

– Is there somewhere I can visit to see you live?

– Can I see a video of one of your performances?

– How much time do you need to set up?

– Have you ever worked at my wedding location before?

– Who will act as the emcee?

– Can you recommend a specific routine or order of events?

– Will you take requests from my guests?

– Will you learn a special song if I ask you to?

– Can I give you a “Must Play” and a “Do Not Play” list?

– What is your fee structure?

– Is there an overtime charge?

– How much is the deposit?

– When is the balance due?

– Can you play music for the ceremony and music during the cocktail hour?

– How many hours of playing are included for a wedding?

– How many breaks will the band or deejay need?

– Do you provide live or taped music during your break?

– Should I provide food for the musicians or deejay?

– What will you wear?

Photography by: Tricia Victoria Photography

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