Alternative Bridal Looks

Alternative Bridal Looks

Brides of today are opting out of the traditional wedding gown and embracing bridal fashion that suits their own unique style. Designer Loft, a bridal boutique in New York city understands the design needs of the modern bride and features some of today’s top and emerging designers from all over the world (including Yumi Katsura and Rosa Clara). Keep reading to browse this range of luxe bridal looks and wedding dresses from understated and modern to embellished and opulent.

Bellucio Stephanie Gown


Designer Julie Sufi of Belluccio, is a master in beading. Defying the odds of physics she coats her featherweight materials with kilograms of embellishment without compromising the line of the design. Tulle based brocades, jewel toned silks, and masterfully draped jersey all fall as part of the timeless collection. The Haute Couture gowns are inspired by Old world glamour and appeal to the likes of modern day Rita Hayworths, Grace Kelly’s and Audrey Hepburn’s.

Featured: Stephanie Gown from 2017 Collection

Elisabetta Polignano

Elisabetta Polignano:

These are 100% Italian wedding dresses. In the heart of the fiery Murgia sub-region, location of Italy’s oldest and longest Carnival and famous for its karst caves, Putignano is the Italian capital of bridal gowns. It is also the town imbued in culture and tradition where Elisabetta Polignano was born. In 1997 she founded the Elisabetta Polignano brand. This achievement marked the beginning of a new, all-Italian adventure. Since then, the brand has produced 6 lines: EP Elisabetta Polignano, Vision, Signature, Vittoria Sposa, Joie de Vivre and Privée.

Featured: Lonavala Jumpsuit from Vision Collection and Shaila Dress from Signature Collection

Eliza Jane Howell

Eliza Jane Howell: 

Renowned designer Gill Harvey has brought together her years of experience to create the Eliza Jane Howell Bridal Collection. Named after her grandmother, the Eliza Jane Howell Bridal Collection has been designed for the modern day bride who would love to wear a dress that oozes the glamour, sophistication and decadence of the golden age of fashion. Taking inspiration from exquisite vintage gowns, the Eliza Jane Howell collection is the epitome of grown up glamour.

Featured: Pluto Jumpsuit from The Grand Opera Collection and Eliza Dress from The Grand Opera Collection


Gemy Malouf:

Gemy Malouf of Beirut, Lebanon; building on her desire to create simple yet intricate formal wear for sexy, modern, young and active women with an attitude, Gemy quickly developed an exceptional eye for fashion. Cultivating her innate artistic talent, she first began designing gowns for friends and neighbors at just 17 years old and gradually increased her acumen for design, working in small workshops to bring her beautiful and original creations to life.

Featured: Jumpsuit from GEMY MAALOUF Bridal

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